100% Fix to Windows 10 Lag!

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100% Fix to Windows 10 Lag! Empty 100% Fix to Windows 10 Lag!

Post by Resign on 26th April 2016, 10:20 pm

I've made a few other guides to this but those were to bare with it, and to make it somewhat able to cope with.

I"ve finally figured out how to completely have 0 lag with win 10! It's very easy.

First step, Right click the windows button in the left-hand corner and click on "device manager" or search it.

Find "Display Adapters"

Open up the tree and what appears is your "GFX" or Graphics Driver..

Mine for example is "AMD Radeon(TM)"

Right click your Graphics driver, and click uninstall, check the "delete from computer"

Now, You can search online and find an older drive to install, or EO will work perfectly fine without a driver, I don't use a driver simply because

I couldn't find one, and really don't care because EO is running beautifully..

If you have any questions please, Reply / PM / PM in game @ Resign.

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100% Fix to Windows 10 Lag! Empty Re: 100% Fix to Windows 10 Lag!

Post by Moan on 10th May 2016, 4:19 am

Great method, it worked for me, but instead of deleting the driver, I disabled it, but it only makes me use one screen.
(Since I have dual monitors) but i'm probably gonna work on a client that supports Windows 10, if it works.
I'll post it on SCEO first. Really like your tutorial though bro, +1.


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