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General Forum Rules:

  1. Try to be kind and helpful towards others. Keep the trolling to the bare minimum. Abusers will be warned and punished if necessary.
  2. Do not create new accounts to avoid bans.
  3. Make sure to read the stickied rules in each sub-forum. Obviously this doesn't count if there is no set rules for that sub-forum.

Topic Rules:

  1. Do not make stupid topics like "hey guys" and "i hate u all", etc.
  2. Post topics in the correct sub-forum. If posted in the wrong sub-forum, Moderator's can choose to either delete the topic or move it to the correct sub-forum.
  3. Topics should not be aimed at one person or a small group of people, all users should be able to respond if wanted. If you want to talk to a small group then use the PM system.
  4. Do not post another topic if that topic has already been created in the past. Just bump the old topic.

Posting Rules:

  1. Do not post like a spastic person. i.e. "u r so gey hehe  Very Happy"
  2. Do not post any pornographic content. Also do not post disgusting content like people cutting off their own limbs, etc.
  3. Do not reply if you have nothing important to contribute.
  4. Do not post anyone's personal information. This can lead to a ban if abused.
  5. Do not make accusations about others if you have no proof. If proof is provided, then keep it clean and blur out any person information.
  6. Trolling is fine, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. If you feel it's getting out of hand, use the "Report" button on the top right of their post. This button looks like this: Forum Rules Phpbb3_report_post1


  1. Posts may be deleted/ moved if it's in the wrong section. Any inappropriate content will be deleted, and any out of hand trolling will be deleted.
  2. Double topics or spam topics will be moved to "Bin" which is only visible by moderators.
  3. Keep spamming and/or not following the rules and a moderator will ban you for however long they want. All bans must be reported to the Admin section with a date and time of ban, and how long/ date of release. Once released, you will inform moderators on that topic that you have unbanned them and then lock it.
  4. Do not beg any moderator for whatever reason, you will be ignored. Continuing of this will be punishable to the abuser.
  5. Note: Not all coloured names are moderators.


  1. To report someone please use the "Report" button. If someone is abusing you over the PM system, then PM either Soook or one of the other Moderators. Make sure to PM the Moderator that is on at the time, otherwise PM Soook.
  2. To request a name change you will need to PM Soook and explain why you are requesting a name change. The name would have to be available, so make sure you check if it's already been created. If the reason for name change is good enough, I will PM you back with an approval letter. If the reason for name change isn't good enough, I will PM you back with a disapproval letter.

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